Ellen Silverstein Associates


Ellen is a skilled meeting facilitator and can assist groups to focus, clarify and develop concrete action plans. Her structured and respectful style, makes it easy for participants to blend creativity with realistic business goals.

STRATEGIC PLANNING: Ellen helps teams develop their strategic plans, both short and long term. She utilizes a variety of techniques to help teams diagnose and discuss what is currently working and what needs to be evolved, modified or replaced. Ellen then assists the team to develop implementable plans to accomplish strategic goals in the time period ahead.

EXECUTIVE RETREATS: Ellen can facilitate senior management teams as they: solve extraordinary challenges; create their vision; plan for re-organization, merger, acquisition, etc.; or to re-charge their batteries as they head into a new campaign.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: A trained social worker, Ellen can bring an additional set of skills to handling crisis situations. In the event of a serious illness / accident or death of a colleague, a traumatizing down-sizing, a violent situation in the workplace; etc., Ellen can lead meetings to help the team to understand and normalize the impact of the event, help them articulate concerns and solutions.

A crisis in the workplace has immediate impact on productivity and morale. Addressing the crisis and moving toward resolution is beneficial and helps employees move forward.

MEDIATION: Ellen's skills as a professional social worker and facilitator contribute to her success in mediation. This mediation is often with people on work teams who are in conflict. This can be between employees or between managers and employees.

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