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Ellen has worked with many of Canada's leading organizations as they restructured their operations. She has supported all levels of employees in business, industry and government. These transitions have been triggered by mergers, acquisitions, re-engineering, the introduction of new technology and rapid growth. Ellen specializes in managing the 'human element' positively through these potentially traumatic transitions. She can help to rebuild work teams in the wake of these changes.


Having worked extensively with many of Canada's most successful organizations, Ellen brings years of experience to this arena. She has seen the triumphs and failures of organizations when they merge, acquire and restructure. Ellen can offer proven processes and solutions that yield positive results.


During transitions, a manager's job becomes more complex. They must meet their business goals, while managing change and uncertainty. Workshops can be offered to managers to help them understand the process of change and how to lead their teams positively through it. Managers find this workshop to be extremely beneficial as they learn about change, air their feelings and concerns, and obtain concrete and specific techniques to manage the human element. How employees are managed, responded to, and coached has a massive impact on morale, productivity and customer service. Managing the 'human element' is a key factor for implementing successful transitions.


These provide an opportunity for groups of employees to learn about the normal / typical reactions we all experience when a change is imposed upon us. Participants will have an opportunity, within a confidential environment, to express their thoughts and feelings. This process defuses some of the emotion and allows individuals to recognize that their reactions make sense and that others are experiencing similar feelings. Practical coping techniques will be discussed, as change brings stress and managing that stress is imperative. As well, this provides an excellent opportunity for employees to come together and help each other through the challenge.


Change is a reality in today's world. Changes in organizations are rarely accomplished without a hitch. Employees can feel as if they are on a speeding and sometimes frightening roller coaster. This may scare them at first; it is perceived as a threat or danger. As time passes, and staff is dealt with sensitively, they get accustomed to the change. Only then can they see the opportunities and potential advantages

. Understanding the normal reactions that we all experience during change, helps people adapt to the change more easily. Change can be an invigorating vehicle for both self and organizational growth. The psychological aspects of change need to be addressed. This workshop module will examine the characteristics of change and reinforce the skills that can ease the transition.

Topics to be covered include:

Reactions to Change / Natural resistance to changes
Need for clarity
Examination of core values: Corporate and Individual
The vital role of management
Behavioral Signs and Signals of Distress
Dealing with fear of the unknown
Three Phases of Transition
Difference between Change and Transition
Positive Communication Tips to help employees manage change
Perception and attitude are the keys
Practical Tips for Managing Change
Enhancing persuasive skills: Nurturing commitment and consensus.
Supporting the vision
Identifying roadblocks

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