Ellen Silverstein Associates


Ellen works with teams to help them become more cohesive, productive and supportive.

Team Building sessions can be with new teams, old teams, teams with new leadership and newly merged teams after a restructuring.

Team Building sessions can be 1 or 2 days in duration and are often conducted off-site (to limit interruptions). The sessions are customized and based on the team's maturity and specific needs. The experience helps the team come together, both on a business and inter-personal level. Team members walk away feeling united with concrete action plans for achieving their business goals.

Teams evolve by clarifying their overall goals, specifying each team member's roles, articulating agreed upon processes and procedures, and abiding by a commonly agreed upon set of values and norms.

Teams must be clear with respect to who belongs on the team, who has responsibility and accountability for tasks and outcomes and how the team will operate day-to-day and overall.

The following topics can be addressed:

Dealing with team members who are not "on board".
Group dynamics: How individuals interact within a team.
The How To's of evolving a team: growth and positive change.
Feedback: How to give it and get it constructively.
Dissolving conflict and defusing anger.
Active Listening: The glue that holds the team together.
Key team members attributes: Best practices for team mates.
Creating consensus.
A model: Where are we now as a team? Where do we want to go? How do we get there? How do we measure success? Follow-up?

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